Initial Consultation

The initial consultation begins with a detailed case history which involves key questions on what issue the client is presenting with, questions on their past medical history and general health. This information allows the Osteopath to formulate an approach to examination which is tailored for each client.


The client during examination may have to perform some movements of the spine etc and the Osteopath will also be carrying out different neurological and orthopaedic testing where appropriate. The client may have to remove some garments of clothing during examination to permit full and accurate interpretation of the tests involved.


Once a diagnosis has been formulated the Osteopath will explain to the client what it is, how it happened and what the treatment approach shall be. Once the client is happy with this the Osteopath shall proceed with treatment.


Treatment generally involves manual soft tissue techniques to release any tensions or strains in the muscles, ligaments, tendons and joints. Other aspects of treatment involve spinal manipulations, articulations of joints and Osteopathic techniques customised to treat specific injuries.