We have developed a highly successful approach to back pain treatment. We treat all forms of back pain, including sciatica, muscle spasm, disc injury, neck pain, shoulder pain and mid to upper back pain.

Exclusively using Osteopathy, coupled with the most modern approaches to pain causation our clients can rest assured that they are in good hands. What sets us apart from other modems of treatment is the philosophy we use. We do not seek to resolve the symptoms alone, we seek the root cause of an injury! This ensures that post rehabilitation a clients chance of injury recurrence is very low.

Many of our first time clients complain of recurring problems. Often they have tried other therapies but only getting short term relief. This tells us that the injury lies elsewhere, whether that be from the ankle, knee, hip etc. Using a wide range of examination procedures including orthopaedic testing of joints, muscle testing, neurological and mobility tests we are able to correctly diagnose the injury, its root cause and its prognosis for recovery.

Treatment is wide ranging and is tailored to each client. Treatments can include soft tissue massage, joint articulation , joint  manipulation, neurostimulation,  muscle energy techniques and advice on stretches and conditioning.